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            Upgrading and using your handy Ports

Ports - the greatest thing in the world but the most holiest thing there is. But for greatness you must pay a price. Ports can be used to upgrade from 0.2.x (or anything pretty much, if the ports dosn't have it try freshports) or you can just download something that you might need and use it. (or whatever)

Upgrading your ports.

Move to the dir that contans the cvsup info.

you@home~>cd /usr/share/examples/cvsup/

you@home~>ee ports-supfile

Now, you want to edit file called ports.supfile make sure you look at this:
*default *default base=/usr
*default prefix=/usr
*default release=cvs tag=.
*default delete use-rel-suffix

Next : -------Now CHANGE_THIS. Change it to
So it should read:

Since you have all that done, you are going to want to exit the editor and save. Now that you have done this:  you@home~>cvsup -g ports-supfile

Depending on the your internet speed will determine how long this will take. When it is done... You can now move to /usr/ports to find all the ports.
you@home~>cd /usr/ports

Next Step : We want to learn how to update a program or install one

Let's say we want to get portsniffer0.3.3 (don't know if that is a program in dev. It is something i just made up. Okay and lets say that it is in the network dir. So this is what we would do:

you@home~>cd network/portsniffer0.3.3

Here is where the magic is, In this dir, all you have to do is:
you@home~>make install

And if you don't want it to depend on Gnome go into the Makefile with a editior and remove the line that says WANT_GNOME= yes

I hope this helped if any other problems. E-mail me at

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