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 We would like to welcome everyone to this page, most of the ideas, and topics that are listed on this page now, are those that several people are donating their time to helping others. This is one way for us to vent out the large amounts of information that we have collected over the years, please be patient as we update the site on a regular basis, if you have anything that you would like to add, please feel free to contact us, as we would like to hear from you...

 As of Jan. 11,1999 the domain is now up and running. Plans are to start getting as much information on the site as time allows. 

April 23, 2000
 Several new things happening with defcon1 at this stage, we are having several new writers help write articles for the site, and help out in the channel. If you would like to help write articles, please contact me. 
 I am working on a couple new things for the defcon1 site, one is getting shirts embroidered with the defcon1 logo on them, and also a classifieds area. Keep Watch...

Feb. 20, 2000
 At this time we are seeing alot of new people in the channel, and getting lots of great help for the regular's who take the time to help those poeple that just show up, and need help. I would like to take this time to say, thanks to those that do take their time to help others.
 Hoping to see several new articles come out for this next month, as Jan 2000 was our largest month with new articles, with a total of 15 new articles.

Dec. 12, 1999 :
 We are happy to see all the new people that have been hanging out in the channel, and helping, and just chatting. We have added several new articles for this month. We are working on a Millennium 2000 set of Articles, we welcome anyone that wants to help us write good articles. If you are interested, please either talk to me on IRC, or E-mail me.
  Would like to thank "Big" for registering, so, now along with we also have Just another way to get people help that need the help learning and understanding FreeBSD, and Unix in general.
  Now we have added a "Search" feature to Defcon1, that will allow you to quickly find the item that you are interested in, thus saving search time. We have also broken up the articles in categories, being we had so many articles, it was making it hard for someone to locate what they were looking for.
  One of the new additions that we are going to try to start housing here at Defcon1, is articles for OpenBSD as well as FreeBSD.

 If you would like to help write any articles, please feel free to contact me, and we can discuss this  Several new pages have been added to the Defcon1 page, and several more to come... Keep watching.

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