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Using PGP with Pine

Using gpg with Pine

This article assumes you have already set up gnupg correctly, generated
your own key and have imported your friend's keys into your keyring

If enough folks bug me about it, I will write something that explains all
that too :)

gpg setup:

Move into your .gnupg directory

cd ~/.gnupg

Now create the following files:


Now edit each file and put the following in each:

In file checksig

/usr/local/bin/gpg && echo "[ PGP Signature ok - `date` ]" || echo "[ PGP
Signature check FAILED - `date` ]"

In file encrypt

/usr/local/bin/gpg -aes

In file sign

/usr/local/bin/gpg --clearsign

Now make sure these scripts are executable

chmod 700 checksig encrypt sign

In file options

encrypt-to <> #you gotta encrypt to yourself at least
Pine setup:

Edit .pinerc and place the following in the places indicated. This can
also be done from within Pine by using the Setup/Configure menu.

# This variable takes a list of programs that message text is piped into
# after MIME decoding, prior to display.
display-filters=_LEADING("-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE")_
_LEADING("-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE")_ /usr/home/username/.gnupg/checksig

# This defines a program that message text is piped into before MIME
# encoding, prior to sending
Using it:

After composing a message and pressing CTRL-X, you will be prompted with a
message asking if you wish to sign the message. If you select y you will
be prompted for your password and the message will be sent enclosed by
your gpg signature. You can use CTRL-N at the "sign" prompt to move to the
next filter where you will be asked if you wish to encrypt the message.
Pressing CTRL-N again will allow you to send the message without

Captain Kirk <>

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