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Nick : GhostRdr

Computer Knowledge : I've been around computers since a very young age, and have been in love with them ever since. I first messed with a TRS-80, from that point on, I have always messed with computers and been interested in the technology, and just the information that makes them work.

First Computer : Vic-20 by Commodore, with a data cassette

Computer Training : Only real computer training I've had to get a piece of paper stating such, is 2 years of AutoCad training. 
 Everything else that I've learned, I had to teach myself. I first learned Dos, and then later this software from Microsoft called Windows came out, and slowly learned as much as I could about it. In 1990, started a local BBS in the small town that I live in, found alot of people with the same interest as I do, and later many became close friends. Few years later, as all of us did, I learned Windows 95. In 1994 I started a local computer company, were I worked, and ran it, at the same time I worked another full time job. Finally in 1995, I quit my other full time job, and now, I run the computer store I started. Then in March of 1997, I went to a 3 day course on Unix training, and from there, I've been trying to learn as much as I can about Unix, and even though its been almost 2 years, seems like I have not even scratched the surface of the possibilities of the OS. Now I am one of the system Administrators of a local ISP.

Hobbies : I enjoy messing with my computers, tweaking them here and there, and making them better in one point or another. Paintball is another hobby that I enjoy to help me relieve aggression, and relieve the stress I endure all week long.
 In the summer, I enjoy being out in the middle of the lake on my 30' Wellcraft cruiser, where only people that know where I am can contact me, otherwise, its nice being isolated to get away and clear my head.

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